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Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan 2008 Approved

Shawna Bergman

Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan 2008 Approved The Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force approved a revised Action Plan for addressing hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico following a comprehensive reassessment of the 2001 Action Plan.  The 2008 Action Plan will be released and available to the public electronically and in hard copy in early June. The 2008 Action Plan considers emerging issues and incorporates the latest science, including findings from EPA?s Science Advisory Board. Improvements include an action framework that increases accountability and specificity, an annual operating plan and annual report that provides mechanisms for maintaining and tracking progress between reassessments, a shift in the lead for nutrient reduction strategies to the states with a complementary Federal Strategy, and a communication/outreach plan to engage stakeholders. For more information on the Task Force and Action Plan, visit

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